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                                              about THE AUTHOR

                           Hi and welcome to my website!  Let me tell you a little bit about myself!


First of all, I am a total novice when it comes to the world of social media and all the www technology associated with it!  I published my first book,  "Good Wife Gone Bad"  in 2013; and needless to say, it was a very exciting time!!!   I was told that I needed a website to boost exposure of my book, so I built this one at that time.  Then I guess I just assumed that it would magically create a bevy of traffic, and "Good Wife Gone Bad" would ultimately become an overnight best-seller!!!! ....... Well  that didn't happen, of course!  I also created a blog page...... on which I wrote a total of ONE blog!  Gee, why wasn't I getting any traffic or feedback??   I was under the impression that writing and publishing my book were the difficult aspects of authoring a book, but now I see that the real difficulties lie in marketing and getting "noticed". 

Now, after two years, I have a renewed interest in marketing "Good Wife Gone Bad".  And I hope that if you are reading this, you will let me know that I'm not doing this all in vain by contacting me below!!!


After working in administration for a county agency in Northern Virginia for over 25 years, I sustained an injury to my right hand and had to retire.  Retirement is clearly the best career ever, but I get frustrated at times because I no longer have the strength and stamina in my hand to participate in sports or enjoy my hobbies, like sewing, playing piano, and even exploring on my laptop, which I would probably do all day long if I could!


When I was pondering the idea of writing my book, I was faced with the obstacle of how to put my thoughts on paper (or, should I say, on my computer). Sure, I could type for short spurts of time; but writing a book was going to entail a large amount of keyboard time, which my hand would not allow.  So, my wonderful husband, always here for me when I need him, explored the options out there in modern technology and came up with speech recognition software and a computer with touch screen maneuverability!   Those two technological marvels made it possible for me to complete my book.


As already stated, my husband is a pretty good guy, and I have two fabulous daughters and sons-in-law and four even-more-fabulous grandchildren who truly bring joy to my life!  Yes, I am biased... but they really ARE fabulous!


Please read the Prologue from my book, which is on the Book Peview page of this website. It will give you a synopsis of "Good Wife Gone Bad" and a glimpse into "Amanda's" former life.

I am in the process of completing my blog page, at which time I hope we will share a glass of wine or cup of coffee, along with some stimulating conversation.  I would love to get topic ideas that you would like to discuss.... no topics are off limits!  And the best thing about it is....... we can do it in our pajamas!!!  Now that sounds like a good way to start the day, don't you think?  I do hope to see you on my blog page very soon!


Good Wife Gone Bad

The Fine Line Between Love and Hate

by N. E. Lane


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